August 12, 2017

Employee Awards

Congratulations to Synchron’s Tashawna Green, Jill Akers, Rawn James, Ed Miskowski, and George Clinton!

Tashawna Green: Tashawna received a Letter of Appreciation from the Director, Submarine / Submersible Design and Systems Engineering, Mr. M. Garner, on 17 March 2017. Tashawna was specifically recognized for her outstanding contributions towards the success of NAVSEA 05 by working through a myriad of issues that were not well defined and were ever changing. Well done, Tashawna!!

Jill Akers: Jill received a Letter of Appreciation from PEO Submarines / PMS 435, Ms. M. Atkins, on 21 April 2017. Jill was specifically recognized for her dedicated service and outstanding performance in support the Business and Financial Management Branch of PMS 435. Her tireless work ensured a myriad of critical short notice budget actions were completed accurately and on time. Well done, Jill!!

Rawn James: Rawn received the “OPNAV N9 Contractor Excellence Award – Letter of Commendation” from the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Warfare Systems (OPNAV N9), RADM M.C. Manazir on 07 July 2017. Rawn was specifically cited for his sustained and superior performance that distinguished him and merited special recognition of his outstanding service. Well done, Rawn!!

Ed Miskowski: Ed received the PEO LCS / PMS 501 “Bull Rider” Award from the LCS Program Office and CAPT T. Anderson on 28 July 2017. Ed was specifically cited for his leadership and technical expertise displayed during the complete restructuring of the LCS Security Classification Guide required to support the FY17 Shipbuilding Procurement contract. Well done, Ed!!

George Clinton: George received a Letter of Appreciation from PEO Submarines / PMS 397, CAPT D. A. Goggins, on 08 Aug 2017. George was specifically recognized for his coordination across a team of multiple stakeholders to develop the architecture for the trim and drain system strainer configuration. This effort resulted in the ability to reuse the VIRGINIA Class simplex strainer for all trim and drain pumps on COLUMBIA Class, eliminating the need to design a new duplex strainer, improving commonality across the fleet, and saving over $500,000. Well done, George!!

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